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2024 coin!

1oz Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 Silver Coin

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Tavex is proud to present the 1oz Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 Silver Coin. This exceptional piece ... read more
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Tavex is proud to present the 1oz Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 Silver Coin. This exceptional piece celebrates the dragon, the fifth symbol in the lunar zodiac.

The 1oz silver 2024 Year of the Dragon coin is a testament to profound cultural heritage. The dragon, an iconic figure of might and prosperity in Chinese and Eastern mythology, is exquisitely captured in this coin's design. The serpentine dragon, coiled around the essence of wisdom - the flaming pearl - and framed by the elemental power of cascading waves, speaks volumes of master craftsmanship.

The Year of the Dragon is associated with the allure of fortune, success, and good luck in Chinese culture. It's an emblem of luck for those born in the year of this zodiac sign and a token of ambition, leadership, and intelligence. This is a perfect gift for loved ones celebrating their lunar year or for anyone wishing to harness the mythical creature's esteemed virtues.

This 1 oz silver coin is more than just a collector’s piece; it is a wise investment. Silver, a precious metal with intrinsic value, paired with the coin's 99.99% purity, ensures lasting worth. The limited-edition 'P125' mintmark, commemorating the Perth Mint's 125 years of excellence in minting, adds a layer of exclusivity that could enhance its future value.

Why Buy

  • This 1oz year of the dragon coin acts as an Australian legal tender. Recognised as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, the coin holds a government guarantee of weight and purity.
  • The Year of the Dragon 1oz silver coin is made from 99.99% pure silver. Each coin is struck from one ounce of the purest, 99.99% silver, demonstrating the mint's commitment to quality and excellence.
  • This silver coin symbolises Australia’s heritage. Celebrating the Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary in 2024, this coin includes a unique 'P125' mintmark, making it a historic collectible. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity within the silver coins design.
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are based on the treasured Chinese lunar calendar. Those born under the sign of the Chinese Lunar Dragon are said to be ambitious, successful, and charismatic.
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are great gifts for your loved ones. Give a tribute to the ones you appreciate by marking their virtues and year of birth in pure .9999 fine silver, a gift that will stay with them forever. 
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are money. The Silver Lunar Series was introduced for the first time in 1999 and every silver coin in the series, including the Year of the Dragon, is considered a legal tender by the Australian Government. 
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are popular with astute collectors. Its motif of the dragon that varies every 12th year, its maximum mintage limit, and its quality, purity and legal tender status mean that the coin has a considerable premium over its melt value in the secondary market.
  • Australian Silver Lunar series are internationally recognised. The Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coin seamlessly blends motifs from the iconic Chinese zodiac with the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, the formidable and longest-reigning queen of the 20th century. This unique combination has earned it global recognition and acclaim among bullion dealers and collectors worldwide.

Buying silver items means low risks and maintaining wealth

Silver's value has grown over the years making it good to maintain or grow wealth.

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Fact: silver price in GBP has risen 85.54% in the last 10 years. The lowest price was 8.97 GBP/oz and the highest 25.60 GBP/oz. Current world market price is 21.64 GBP/oz


Australian Lunar silver coin - Year of the Dragon

The Chinese lunar calendar is today used by many for Taoist cosmology. It is believed that, depending on the year of the zodiac when a person is born, a special relationship exists between the person’s personality and the animal that constitutes part of the Chinese zodiac. The animals in the zodiac are supposed to be of symbolic nature, where each animal is a representation of a specific group of characteristics and traits that can be found in every human being. There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, and each of them is celebrated once every twelve years. The year of the dragon is next celebrated in 2024.

Dragon is the 5th in the 12-year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the year of dragon are generally born with the zodiac dragon characteristics. They are believed to have a strong physique, full of energy and endless vitality. They have an ambitious target and never give up. They have a heavy self-consciousness as well as leadership qualities. It can therefore be seen that the Australian Silver Lunar Year of the Dragon coin is an ideal gift for whoever you love or respect, since giving a Silver Lunar coin means that you are showing affection by immortalising the person’s year of birth and particular virtues in pure and precious silver artwork.

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a world distinguished mint and precious metals refiner that is located in the City of Perth, in Western Australia. The Perth Mint was founded in 1896 by Britain’s Royal Mint in response to the newly discovered gold deposits in Western Australia. Perth Mint’s task was to refine gold ore from the mines and to strike sovereign gold coins from the refined bullion. Between 1899 and 1931 the Pert Mint produced  a considerable amount of gold sovereigns which were distributed in Australia  and throughout the British Empire to be used as circulating currency. British control over Perth Mint was relinquished in 1971 to the Government of Western Australia which then assumed ownership of  the  mint.  Today,  the  Perth  Mint  is  hailed  for  the exceptional  quality  of  its  world  class investment bullion coins like the Kookaburra and Koala silver coins, and the Lunar Series. The Perth Mint has been a member of the London Gold Market (predecessor of the LBMA) since 1934. The swan design, which is the Mint’s official assay stamp registered with the LBMA, is recognised internationally and was inspired by the Mint’s location in Perth, where the main river, the Swan, runs through the city. 

Product weight in grams
Silver weight in grams
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Diameter (mm)
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1 dollar
The Perth Mint, Australia


The coin's obverse bears the Jody Clark Memorial Obverse of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II supplemented with the dates of her reign ‘1952-2022’, as well as the weight and fineness, and the monetary denomination.


The coin’s reverse portrays a dragon with water cascading from its mouth, stylised waves, and a flaming pearl, a symbol of wisdom. Included in the design is the Chinese character for ‘dragon’, the inscription ‘DRAGON 2024’ and a ‘P125’ mintmark signifying The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.


Each bullion coin is presented in a protective acrylic capsule.

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