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Our Partners

The world of investment gold trading is all about trust. That’s why Tavex only provides its customer’s products from the world’s largest and best-rated refineries and mints.

As a result, consumers have access to guaranteed products and internationally recognized bullions, always of high quality and with precise gold and silver content. They can be exchanged in any country, usually at values ​​close to the spot price of gold. Therefore, Tavex offers its customers an affordable, flexible way to hedge against inflation and to save for the future.

Listed below are our partners. We have included a brief description of how they have become the most recognized refiners and miners in the investment gold market.


The Royal Mint

As The Royal Mint evolved over the centuries, it has been able to become a sophisticated manufacturer, which today is a government-owned business. Throughout its 1,100-year history, The Royal Mint has evolved along with the United Kingdom – through wars and political upheavals, social and economic advancements, and technological improvements. 

It is hard to imagine a more appropriate place to begin setting up a precious metals savings programme, or diversifying your investment portfolio, than at The Royal Mint, the UK’s home of gold.

Offering gold, silver, and platinum bullions that are endorsed by Her Majesty, The Queen, The Royal Mint is trusted by thousands of investors worldwide. The Royal Mint also offers a range of precious metals savings programmes suited for all of life’s chapters; from gathering a gold security for a child, to preparing for a golden retirement.

Britannia Bullion Coin


Valcambi Suisse

Founded in 1961, Valcambi is the largest Swiss refinery in terms of the volume of gold processed. It processed 1,200 tons of gold in 2020, which is 50% more than the second spot when ranking by volume of gold processed. 

Gold bullions manufactured by Valcambi are among the most recognized and sought after gold bullions in the world. Moreover, Valcambi’s offer includes a wide variety of gold bars, coins and medallions.

Valcambi is also an innovator in social relations. In contrast to its traditional gold products, the refinery has launched a line of green gold products. Green gold is extracted and delivered only from mines that meet the highest standards of respect for the environment and working conditions of employees.

Valcambi Suisse Gold Bullion Bar



PAMP is another Swiss refinery whose products are offered by Tavex Bullion. The working capacity is 450 tons of gold and 600 tons of silver per year. Since between 65% and 75% of the world’s gold is refined in Switzerland, PAMP remains one of the world’s largest producers of investment gold.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of gold bullions produced by a renowned refinery or mint is their quality of work. PAMP is an innovative company, being the first to introduce the production of ingots engraved with the effigy of famous mythological or historical figures. It is, therefore, no surprise that its products are popular around the world.

Perhaps the most popular gold bullion PAMP bears the image of the goddess of prosperity Fortuna, after which it received its name. The bullion has a gold purity of 99.99% and is the first investment bullion in the world to display a work of art.

Gold bullion PAMP Fortuna Bullion Bar

PAMP became the first refinery in the world to receive the London Bullion Market Association’s Gold Certificate of Responsibility in 2015. The document certifies that the company’s activities do not contribute to conflicts around the world, human rights violations, support terrorist organizations and that it respects high standards for environmental, social and management policies.


Australian Mint (Perth Mint)

The Perth Mint was founded in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint. Also, a new gold mine was launched in Australia. Although it was not the first in the market, its predecessors, the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint, no longer exist.

In 1957, the Australian Mint was the first in the world to obtain “the purest gold”. The gold plate produced by the institution was 99.9999% pure. The feat was so impressive that some institutions, such as the British Royal Mint, ordered several copies to be used for comparison with their own gold coins.

In addition to technological advances, the Australian Mint has also gained commercial success. In 1987, they introduced the gold coin (which later became the Australian Kangaroo), which became an instant bestseller among investors. On the day of the debut, orders were placed for bullions with a total weight of 150,000 troy ounces (or 4.8 tons). Perth Mint anticipated a maximum demand of 130,000 troy ounces in the first 3 months.

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

Like the other refineries on the list, the Australian Mint offers a wide portfolio of collectable gold and silver products. These include the series of cyclical investment gold bullion coins. Their design is modified annually to present the animal to which the respective year of the Chinese Lunar calendar is dedicated.

Collectable coins minted by Perth Mint have won dozens of awards for their design over the years. The mint also produces Australian dollars.


Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich)

Münze Österreich, being the original name of the Austrian Mint, is the oldest mint that Tavex collaborates with. The history of minting is related to Richard the Lionheart, who was held captive for a year by Duke Leopold V. In 1194, the English king paid 12 tons of silver as a ransom, and the duke used the silver to mint the first coins in Vienna.

In the first half of the 18th century, an engraving academy was founded inside the mint, which still exists today, and the mastery of engravers is reflected by the coins produced here. The most popular is the gold bullion coin – The Vienna Philharmonic. Published in 1989, with an exceptional design, it immediately won the Coin News award for the best gold coin. It is also the first legal tender issued in Austria, with a pure gold content of 99.99%.

Gold coin Vienna Philharmonic

This bullion boasts a long list of prizes. In 1992, it became the best-selling gold coin in the world. Since then the bullion has won the aforementioned title 3 more times. Due to its immense popularity, the Vienna Philharmonic is also available as a silver coin (since 2008) and as a platinum coin (since 2016).

In addition to the Vienna Philharmonic, the Austrian Mint, one of the most important refineries in the world, produces a wide portfolio of collectable bullions, coins and even jewellery. These include the gold coins of the Austrian Duchy, bearing the image of Emperor Franz Joseph. Since 1988, it is also the only institution that produces the currency used in Austria.


Refineries are honest, right?

Although above we have listed only some of the largest refineries and mines globally, the question remains: “How do we know that refineries offer what they promise?”.

There are a few things to consider in this regard. The first is that in the investment gold business, reputation is everything. Once a company in the industry fails to deliver the quality it promises, it is most likely to be eliminated.

It should also be noted that gold has a specific density of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter. Thus, even with relatively simple experiments, the gold content of a coin or bullion can be determined. In addition, there are many more scientific ways to verify the amount of gold in bullions. In other words, their products are bought by millions of people every year. It is effortless to detect whether any of these refineries and mines are fraudulent.

Secondly, most of the companies on the list are owned by the central bank in that country. Therefore, it is hard to believe that such an institution could create fraudulent products.

Indeed, Valcambi and PAMP Refineries are not owned by the Swiss Central Bank. However, in their case, extremely strict rules and careful checks provide complete reassurance. It is no coincidence that the refineries have an obligation to include the “Essayeur Fondeur” stamp on all gold products. This stamp certifies that the gold bars and coins have passed an independent inspection by a certified specialist.

Last but not least, all these refineries and mines are part of the international markets. As such, they must meet the requirements of the relevant institutions managing the relevant markets. For example, London traders must meet the requirements of the London Bullion Market Association. The organization publishes a list of companies known for reliable delivery. The only one missing is the Austrian Mint, which, however, is owned by the local central bank.

In other words, members in the world of gold run through many tests in order to be admitted to the market. In order to prosper, they must constantly improve their services and products. Our partners, the refineries and mints mentioned above, help us to offer you the gold bullion bars and coins we offer at Tavex.