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1oz Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin

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Tavex is proud to present the 1oz Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin. Struck with ... read more
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Tavex is proud to present the 1oz Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin. Struck with the precision and meticulousness The Royal Mint is globally renowned for, this one-ounce gold bullion coin commemorates the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. The royal splendour of the coronation is embodied in this limited-edition coin series.

Each coin in the series further features the inaugural crowned coinage depiction of His Majesty the King, an artistry brought to life by Martin Jennings. The gold version of this coin, weighing 1oz, is restricted to a mintage of 7,500.

This coin's obverse proudly displays a crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III, while the reverse is adorned with His Majesty the King's royal cypher. Crafted from 999.9 fine gold and limited to a mintage of 7,500, this coin is a prized possession. UK residents will benefit from its VAT-free status and exemption from Capital Gains Tax. This coin adheres to The Royal Mint's strict bullion standard, a testament to their reputation for excellence.

Why Buy

  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coins are renowned for their beauty. Their weight and quality are verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx.
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coins can be distinguished by the distinctive crown adorning the king's visage, are unique in their design.
  • Gold is known for being a solid purchase and never losing significant worth.
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin is a genuine work of art made of gold. It features Philip Nathan's creative interpretation of a timeless British icon - the Britannia.
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin is VAT and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt.
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin is a part of Britain, her legacy and her future. 
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coins possess considerable numismatic significance in addition to their inherent value derived from their gold content, thereby making them highly sought-after commodities in the field of numismatics and investing.
  • Only 7 500 Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coins will ever be minted.
  • The Great Britain King Charles III Coronation Gold Coins lead the way to redefine security in the bullion market. Four advanced security features take the coin's visual security to the next level.

Buying gold items means low risks and maintaining wealth

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Fact: gold price in GBP has risen 141.81% in the last 10 years. The lowest price was 688.18 GBP/oz and the highest 1,954.25 GBP/oz. Current world market price is 1,838.85 GBP/oz

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is one of the oldest and most respected government institutions of Great Britain. Its long operating history, by some estimates over 1100 years, and coupled with its production of many of the world’s most famous coins, like the gold sovereign, has contributed to making it one of the best known and renowned mints in the world. Since 1279 when the mint established its operation in the Tower of London, it has been responsible for the production of coins of the United Kingdom. Its reputation for excellence and trust was further reinforced when Sir Isaac Newton became Master of the Royal Mint. During his tenure at the Royal Mint, he was responsible for moving the British pound to the gold standard.

Today the Royal Mint is not only responsible for minting coins used for circulation in the UK, but is likewise producing official coinage for more than 60 countries in the world. However, the most important and renowned coin ever to come out of its minting presses has without doubt been the sovereign gold coin which even today is being produced at its minting facility in the town of Llantrisant, Wales, UK. The accuracy and quality of the modern gold sovereign coin is the same as it was two hundred years ago, containing 22 karats of fine gold and weighing exactly 7.98805 grams. The popularity of the gold sovereign has likewise not changed, as confirmed in 2014 when the Royal Mint ran out of 2014 sovereign gold coins due to exceptional demand. The gold sovereign is without doubt one of the foremost gold coins ever to be produced and the fact that almost 100,000,000 sovereigns gold coins have been minted since 1957 is a testament to their excellence and trustworthiness. The reputation of the gold sovereign coin as “the chief coin of the world” will live on for centuries, as savvy investors will always prefer to keep a portion of their wealth in gold coins which are secure, liquid and trustworthy.

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The Royal Mint, United Kingdom


The obverse features a crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III by Martin Jennings on the obverse, this special edition Britannia celebrates the coronation of His Majesty The King.


The reverse design featured on the coin displays His Majesty The King’s royal cypher.


The King Charles III Coronation Gold Coin is packaged in a transparent Coin Capsule. However, Tavex can also offer decorative boxes for every coin available.

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