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2g Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar

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Tavex is proud to present the 2g Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar. Argor-Heraeus is a renowned Swiss precious metals refinery ... read more
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Tavex is proud to present the 2g Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar. Argor-Heraeus is a renowned Swiss precious metals refinery with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1951. Over the decades, the company has earned a global reputation for producing high-quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, including bars and coins.

Argor-Heraeus is known for its commitment to excellence in refining and minting, adhering to the highest industry standards for purity and craftsmanship. The company has played a significant role in the global precious metals market and has consistently delivered products trusted by investors and collectors worldwide. With its blend of Swiss precision and expertise in precious metals, Argor-Heraeus continues to be a prominent player in the bullion industry.

Each Kinebar comes in a plastic package, which contain certificate with a serial number and KINEGRAM technology on the back. KINEGRAM technology not only significantly decorates the gold bar, but also confirms its authenticity.

The KINEGRAM technology is non-holographic. It uses vector-based, specifically engineered with nanostructures.

Why Buy

  • Argor-Heraeus Kinebars are made using KINEGRAM technology. This gives the bar the highest-level protection against counterfeiting. The Kinebar surface contains a specific image which is hard to replicate reinforcing the security of this bar.
  • The Argor-Heraeus Kinebar is highly liquid. The premium protection against counterfeiting increases the liquidity of this gold bar, making it a highly sought after in the precious metal industry.
  • The 2g Kinebar has a unique design. Due to the high security hologram features this gold bar shows off an array of rainbow colours. The optical effects are highly precise a technically unlimited.
  • The 2 Argor Hereaus gold bullion bar is perfect as a gift. Within the lower price range in gold bars this Kinebar is perfect as a gift for a loved one of to be a part of a bigger investment portfolio.

Buying gold items means low risks and maintaining wealth

Gold's value has grown over the years making it good to maintain or grow wealth.

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Fact: gold price in GBP has risen 137.33% in the last 10 years. The lowest price was 686.93 GBP/oz and the highest 1,954.25 GBP/oz. Current world market price is 1,835.84 GBP/oz


Minted  bars  refer  to  the  manufacturing  process  that  is  applied  to  create  them.  The  process begins  by  heating  gold  material  in  a furnace  until it  turns  to  a  molten  slurry.  During  the heating process, all unwanted impurities in the slurry are removed until only molten gold of high purity is left, most often at around 99.99%. The molten gold is then poured into moulds, usually in the shape of large bars, where it cools and solidifies. The solid gold is then inserted into  a  mill  that  rolls  the  gold  into  panels  with  a uniform  dimension.  Afterwards, the  gold panels are inserted into a blanking press that punches blanks out of the gold panels. The next step  involves  the  weighing  of  each gold  blank  to  ensure  that  it  is  neither  underweight  nor overweight and those that pass this test are then polished for them to obtain a shiny surface. The  last stage  involves the  minting  process where the  gold  blank  is  inserted into a  minting press  that  presses  its  die with  huge  force  to transfer  the  design  from  the  die  onto  the  gold blank. The result is a  minted bar. The newly  minted gold bar is then inspected before being sealed in a transparent tamper-proof protective package.

Product weight in grams
Gold weight in grams
Gold weight in troy ounces
Argor-Heraeus, Switzerland


The front of the 2 g gold bar is in the classic design of the Swiss precious metal refiner: the stamp, weight (2 grams) and fineness (999.9 gold) are prominently embossed here. The serial number of the gold bar can also be seen.


Argor-Heraeus Kinebar gold bars, made using KINEGRAM technology, are the gold bars with the highest level protection against counterfeiting. Kinebar surface contains an specific image, the counterfeiting of which is technologically difficult.


Transparent PET blister with numbered certificate.

Certificate of authenticity

Serial number, which is engraved on gold bar, is duplicated on certificate.

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