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1oz British Britannia and Liberty Gold Coin

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At Tavex, we are proud to present the 1oz Britannia and Liberty Gold Coin. The Britannia Liberty ... read more
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At Tavex, we are proud to present the 1oz Britannia and Liberty Gold Coin. The Britannia Liberty Gold Coin represents a landmark collaboration between The Royal Mint and the United States Mint, featuring the iconic symbols of Britannia and Liberty together on a UK coin for the first time.

This gold coin is made from 99.99% fine gold, weighing 1 troy ounce of gold. In the creation of this commemorative coin, Joseph Menna, the Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, and Gordon Summers, the Chief Engraver of The Royal Mint, have masterfully united the iconic figures of Liberty and Britannia on a coin for the very first time. This gold bullion coin symbolises the special relationship and shared ideals between the two nations, making it a significant piece for collectors and investors alike.

Both the Liberty and Britannia are symbolic figures depicted on numerous coins over the years. American liberty, historically portrayed by a woman in many forms, reflects the fundamental ideal that Americans hold dear. She has appeared on United States coins since the country's inception in the 18th century.

Britannia, a symbol of British identity on coins since the late 1600s, has long served as the country's personification. This artwork, which was once used to represent maritime might, has evolved into a symbol of national pride and solidarity.

Why Buy

  • This 1oz Gold Coin has historical significance. This coin is the first-ever coin to feature both Britannia and Liberty, marking a unique Anglo-American collaboration between North America and the United Kingdom.
  • This 1oz Britannia Liberty Coin is made from 999.9 pure gold. This offers a tangible asset that can diversify an investment portfolio.
  • This 1oz Gold Coin has a limited mintage. As a commemorative coin, this coin has a limited mintage of 10,000, enhancing its rarity and potential value over time.
  • This gold coin boast high quality and craftsmanship. This 1oz gold coin is produced by The Royal Mint and US Mint, known for their high-quality coinage and meticulous attention to detail. This coin has the mint mark of the United States West Point Mint.
  • This coin represents the symbol of strength and liberty. This 1oz Gold Coin represents enduring principles of freedom and democracy shared by the UK and the USA.

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Fact: gold price in GBP has risen 138.76% in the last 10 years. The lowest price was 686.93 GBP/oz and the highest 1,954.25 GBP/oz. Current world market price is 1,830.03 GBP/oz

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The Royal Mint


The coin's obverse displays Martin Jennings' uncrowned image of King Charles III. The inscription reads:

· CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D · 100 POUNDS ·


The reverse design features allegorical Liberty and Britannia in stoic profile portraits, with complementing and balancing aspects reminiscent of the faces on playing cards. Each figure is identifiable by its look; Liberty carries a torch and is embellished with stars, whereas Britannia wields a trident and wears a Corinthian helmet. The reverse inscriptions write:

· BRITANNIA AND LIBERTY · 2024 · 1oz 999.9 FINE GOLD ·


This 1oz Britannia Liberty Gold Coin is packaged in a transparent coin capsule. If you purchase 10 or more of these coins they will come in a tube.

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